Venue Spaces

Wedding Lawn

Seats up to 175 People For a Ceremony

The wedding lawn sets guests in the middle of a 180 degree picturesque view of rolling farmland. The view seems to stretch endlessly allowing guests to be transported to another world where time seems to stand still. Couples can choose from a variety of arches and arbors as an accent piece for their ceremony or they can simply let the view speak for itself.

Gordon Hall

Seats up to 175 People for Ceremony or Reception

A crisp clean look with a nod to subtle elegance, Gordon Hall allows guests to enjoy the wedding festivities while overlooking the rolling farmland view from an elevated vantage point. Perfect for an indoor ceremony or reception or both! A beautiful tray ceiling with strong lighting features create a feature showpiece for brides to use as a focal point for their celebration.

Fountain Room

A truly lovely space to relax between the ceremony and reception. Light and bright with an original fountain piece, the Fountain Room allows guests to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink and tasty hors d’oeuvres as they mingle with friends and family.

Pennsy Lounge

When the lights go down and the party ramps up, Pennsy Lounge is ready! This expansive venue space features a large bar, beautiful lounge and lighted dance floor with DJ. Guests won’t miss a thing whether they dance the night away or have a drink and relax in the adjoining lounge. Nothing says celebration like this space!

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